Tel Aviv Morning 3486

Tel Aviv, 04:50 in the morning.

Tel Aviv 04:50 in the morning.

A Tel Aviv photo for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Is it a night shot or a morning shot? It depends on who you ask.
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35 thoughts on “Tel Aviv Morning 3486

  1. So perfect in every detail! the chimneys and the clouds , the skyline on the background ,the car in the street …..
    Everything looks like being seen through a microscope.
    To say nothing of the lights,of course…
    (Did someone notice that I adore this photo?)

    • THank you so much for thsi wonderful comment. It’s always interesting to be an observer in a city and to stay awake when most people are sleeping. You get a different feeling of the city and its inhabitants.

  2. Good one, Cardinal. And good question too. Love the light-yet-dark colour of the sky 😀 For some of us, it’s still night until the sun rises…I’m one of those people who think that way.

    • I know what you mean and I tend to agree. Sometimes, when we’ve been partying all night – lets say that we’ve started on a Friday and kept it going til Saturday morning – I still think of it as Friday until the sun comes up. Never mind that technically speaking Saturday starts after midnight.

  3. The light and the subdued colours in that photo is absolutely stunning. I love it. Wish I were there 🙂

    …and will you get notified? 😉

  4. that early morning light is so nice… when it’s not yet so bright outside to turn off the lights, but it’s not too dark either and you need to get ready to start your day… love the shot, Cardinal!

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