B&W Architecture Guest Post 2:2

In the beginning of January I had a guest post in Paula’s blog on B&W architecture photography. Head over to Paula to read the full post (links to the original post and the follow-up post is in the end of this post).

The idea of my guest post was similar to my “Changing Seasons Challenge”, but it was all about B&W Architecture. Shooting the same place, to see if you could come up with something new: new angles, lines, curves, etc. It can be a good practice to try to reproduce shots –  you’ll probably notice that it’s difficult to get the same shot twice, even if you try.

Anyway. Here’s my gallery and please check out Paula’s post for the full article and check out the other entries.

I shot this photo last summer.

I shot this photo last summer and it was the photo that started it all.

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18 thoughts on “B&W Architecture Guest Post 2:2

  1. Looks like you had fun with these, Cardinal 🙂 The tower and triangle are great shapes to play about with. I like the darker ones in this instance.
    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  2. I liked the light painting one a lot. The (first) blue light photo seems to blend in well with the photo, as if it was part of the city. Popped over to Paula’s and had a read. Reproducing the same shot is certainly harder than anyone thinks. The other day I was in the city and took a photo of this tree with golden autumnal leaves against a white clouded sky. Wanted a blue sky, so I went back a week later when it was sunny and all the leaves were pretty much on the ground. And if you’re shooting in a place like the city in the day or evening, people walk into your shots all the time. But you don’t seem to have that problem 🙂

    • Nature photos like the ones you mention are almost impossible to recreate. I had the same experience with a river once: leaves, threes, bushes, the light, it didn’t look remotely the same as it did when I was there the first time.

      • Sometimes I like taking photos of the same thing during different seasons, even try to set up the camera in the same spot. Then after a while I’ll put the images side by side. Always interesting comparisons.

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