I was passing by the other day…


“the workers were hardly human. their eyes were glazed, stricken, insane. they laughed at anything and mocked each other continually. Their insides were stamped out. they had been murdered.
‘those are good men,’ said the cigar.
‘sure they are. half their salaries go to state and federal taxes; the other half goes to new cars, color t.v., stupid wives and 4 or 5 different types of insurance.”
― Charles Bukowski

This was my entry for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur. Click the image below to see my previous entries.

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19 thoughts on “I was passing by the other day…

  1. Brilliant shot, Cardinal. I’m guessing you took this in motion. Nice to see you going out and about when the weather’s looking pretty decent. It’s still pretty warm here in Melbourne given it’s mid-autumn. Hope all is well with you.

    • That’s correct. I was sitting in the moving car when I shot this. It’s an old photo that I shot in Israel a couple of years ago. In my mind Melbourne and Australia in general is always warm.

    • Yes I feel the same way about the quote. It’s all about shopping, looks and money. The good old bread and circus, but the circus has been replaced by sports.

      • well it’s great, i found my blur today by pure chance, normally like you i would have just deleted it, but actually glad I didn’t because it looks quite odd, odd can be good right? 😀 x

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