A Fruit Vendor in Jerusalem


A fruit vendor in the old city of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

A street photo from Jerusalem with a street vendor selling fresh fruit.

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19 thoughts on “A Fruit Vendor in Jerusalem

  1. Love that contrast between the gray background and the lively colours of the fruit and it’s vendor..
    At first sight it would look like a B&W shot , if it weren’t for them!

  2. Really like the creative way you added a touch of color, and this photo can be interpreted in so many different ways. Her expression, and the security camera above evokes a sense of sadness to me too.

  3. Beautiful photo, Cardinal. Touch of colour in just the right spot. Well done. To be honest, those mounds of grapes look very appetising. It must be hard to make a living there like that women – just those boxes that double up as a fruit “stand”.

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