Spraying The Field

A tractor spraying the fields on a sunny day.

There’s been too much winter lately so, for Paula’s Thursday Challenge, I decided to post this one from last summer. Let’s hope it’s not some Monsanto shit he’s spraying there…


22 thoughts on “Spraying The Field

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  2. Monsanto shit is spreading like cancer here too.
    That is a beautiful photograph. It has been eons since I saw that blue a sky 😀 I live in one of most polluted city of the world :/

    • The people at Monsanto should have been put on trial for crimes against humanity. I remember that they tried to patent a tree that grows in India, not to mention the suicides they’ve caused.
      Here they’ve started a “seed bank”: all the worlds seed are locked into a vault on Svalbard. The social democratic/fascist government presented it as their own project, but it’s really a Monsanto project. They’re scared shitless of their own manipulation to the worlds crops: creating seedless vegetables and fruits and making the farmers depend 100% on buying Monsanto seeds season after season.
      Monsanto is trying to enslave us all.

      • Our economy is agricultural, in other words, mostly small and marginal farmers, who own much less than 1 hectare of land. Using monsanto, is expensive for them. Moreover, 85% of agriculture depends upon monsoon, which is highly fickle. Government is trying to push down expensive hybrid seeds and supporting fertilizers, manufactured by Monsanto, down the gullet of these vulnerable farmers. For the government, the major benefit will be the high cut commission.
        The consumer is elated to find a variety of crops at their disposal, not understanding a major fact that they could be all hybrid.
        Lately, olive oil is being promoted on a large scale as cooking medium, extolling it’s benefits. The educated Indian thinks, that anything coming with a imported tag, must be pure and dependable because American and European countries have stricter laws regarding food quality. What they miss, that these products are highly priced, might not suit the Indian palate and could have been derived out of hybrid large scale olive farming.
        Monsanto has started with a seed bank here too, which is truly all a hogwash !!

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