After Before Friday

CardinalGuzmanStacy @ is arranging “After Before Friday”. This week Emilio Pasquale took the photo and the participants are all giving it their own personal look.
From the RAW file I made 3 exposures and turned it into HDR. Then I turned it duotone and blurred out some parts.

Check out the other entries here:

38 thoughts on “After Before Friday

  1. Great finishing work, it definitely goes beyond the shot,it has depth and texture also a painting like quality to it. Great works guy’s, a keeper

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  3. Great job on your image, its really intense and challenging, but the softer DOF makes is more approachable 🙂 The shiny metallic effect on that first truck is really amazing!

  4. Max, I’m intrigued by your creating an HDR image out of Emilio’s file – brilliant! That’s something I’m definitely going to play around with. I’ve also never used the Duotone effect – a great choice for this image. And blurring out all but the first truck really made its details pop. Wonderfully creative. Thanks so much for participating!

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