53 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Widgets 2015

    • Thanks Elizabeth. Feel free to use any of them on your blog. As you can see, I have one of them in my sidebar and I’ve linked it to the “weekly photo challenge” tag, so when you click the photo all the weekly photo challenge entries will be listed.

  1. I love this and yes I would love to use at least one of them, you are very generous, thank you so much far more professional looking than mine lol, hardly surprising xxx love them x

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  3. Nice of you to share your creations with us, i’ll be using one by the end of the day! Happy new year and thanks again 😊

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  5. Cardinal, I love them too, and have been following your page. I hope to do the weekly challenge this year
    I am new, and I feel silly asking, how does one copy the widget? Thanks and Happy New Year.

  6. I just used one of your images for this Weeks Photo Challenge: New, so thank you and gave you a shout out on my post, hopefully many will pop by to use your image 🙂 x

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  8. Thanks very much, I just did my first photo challenge post of the year, and then thought to look and see if you were going this again this year. I’m using the second one this year, but they are all really nice.

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