Good morning 2015!

A sunny winter morning.

A positive & fresh start

I was going to write something positive about a fresh start now that we’ve turned the pages in our calendars and write 2015, instead of 2014, but there’s an endless amount of these “positive thinking, life is so fantastic, you are what you eat, spiritual guidance gave me the courage I needed to smell my own farts without choking”-blogs and quotes out there. I was looking forward to a wonderful holiday in December with 2 ½ weeks off work – the perfect end to a long and boring working year. Then, what happens? Of course I got sick and had to stay in bed / stay inside for two of those weeks. Most likely because of this bitch at work with her “high fucking work ethic” – she spent the last two weeks before the holidays, coughing around at the office, making sure to infect everyone with the flu in time for the holidays…

I mean, people like that should have been put to sleep for good – for the sake of the rest of us. When you think about it, Untermensch like that made the black plague spread and kill so many people back in the days. Disease spreading Untermensch that never understood the basic of biology, hygiene and droplet infection. Untermensch that thinks that the world will fucking stop if they don’t show up at work to perform their mundane, useless tasks. These Untermensch are the idiot fuel that an epidemic needs to grow into an epidemic in the first place. Of course I can’t say with 100% certainty that the flu came from her, because you have idiots like her everywhere: on the buses, in the elevators, in the cantina, at the supermarket… They’re all over the place. They’re also breeding and voting in elections, but I won’t start that discussion right now… Anyway it would have been great if someone could have pulled some Endlösung tricks on them.

Now it’s soon time to return to my pointless, boring, shitty job, so of course I’ve started to feel better again, but I hope that it’s just temporarily. My dream is that the fever will return and that I’ll continue to be sick for at least another couple of weeks. To be realistic, that won’t happen and the next holiday starts after 63 workdays (91 days from now), but that’s just a few days off and not really a long holiday. The next time that I’ll have more than two weeks off work, is in about 6-7 months. In other words there’s a whole lot of boring days between me and the summer holidays…

Next (mini) holiday starts after 63 workdays (91 days from now).

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56 thoughts on “Good morning 2015!

  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve been under the weather, Cardinal. I hope you get better soon. I also wonder why colleagues bother to turn up to the office when they are sick. Perhaps they think that they are being heroes while “working” in the state that they are. The things some of us do for a living…. At the moment I’m glad to be out of the office (finished a work contract), looking at life around me indefinitely but sadly watching the wallet. I hope your next round of holidays comes soon enough. Happy New Year, and best wishes to you and your family 🙂

    • Hi Mabel. They most certainly view themselves as heroes with high moral and not the disease spreading scum that they are. It sounds nice to be out of the office. I have a mortgage, so I’m doomed to slave for the bank for the rest of my life (or alternatively sell the apartment, but then we’d need a new place to live).
      Happy new year to you too!

      • It’s funny. Many of us complain about work yet when we fall sick are so reluctant to take even one day off, or even half a day off.

        It’s nice to be out of the office but it’s not that fun thinking about the wallet all the time. Hope things get better for you soon. Looking forward to seeing more photos from you this year. Who knows, this hobby of yours might take you somewhere 🙂

  2. Yes, I can always find something different here! Even though the ‘“positive thinking, life is so fantastic, you are what you eat, spiritual guidance gave me the courage I needed to smell my own farts without choking”-blogs and quotes’ get to be boring rather quickly (yes, I’m guilty), I’m wishing you a very blessed, healthy, happy, fantastic-beyond-your-wildest-imaginations new year! 😀

  3. I was happy to hear that you were not the only one who was sick for the holidays, I’ve been sick on and off since Halloween, that’s why I have been smoking two cigarettes at one time, I’m going for the Guinness world book of records to how long I can stay sick

  4. Thanks so much for making my first evening blog reading session for 2015 so entertaining! I could totally relate to this as it has happened to me. Earlier this year I was stuck on a bus for more than a few days, with someone spluttering and coughing away, and on a bus there are not many places to go. Like the b***** at your workplace, so gallant was this person that instead of seeking medical attention or taking some preventative medication, he bravely soldiered on 😉 and I reacted similarly to yourself. I had worked so hard to spend thousands of bucks and over a week on four planes travelling to the nether regions of Norway, for a once in a lifetime experience that was far too precious to be jeopardised by someone who was thoughtless enough to share their disease-causing bacteria on their non consenting comrades. Luckily, I escaped coming down with anything more than a minor throat inflammation, thanks probably to a concerted effort to swallow a gallon of orange juice and as many high strength ascorbic acid pills as I could lay my hands on. Hope your temperature soars above normal, the morning of the first day you are due back at work, at least for your sake!! (I think that is the first time I have ever dispensed that advice!!!) All the best for 2015….

    • Yes, they’re on the buses and airplanes too! They’re lurking around everywhere.
      Where did you go? How did you like the nether regions of Norway? I’ve probably seen more nether regions of Norwegians than nether regions of Norway. 😀

      • Hahahaha!!! In summer I was up to Trondheim, Oppdal, Gudbrandsdal, Hallingdal and Numedal valleys, through the fjords before ending in skaanevik, haugesand and Bergen!! I can re- commend those nether regions more highly than the others you mentioned 😉

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon and the coming year proves better than the end of 2014! People spreading their germs is a pet peeve of mine- so inconsiderate!!!

  6. I always think Christmas is like a kidney stone, painful but it eventually passes. And that’s without feeling rotten. Happy countdown to the next break and hope feeling much better soon. Any chance of new year, new job?

    • On my last countdown (from summer – yule) it was 107 work days, so 63 should be fairly easy. Besides, now the days will slowly start to get brighter and warmer.
      I’m afraid that there’s no chance for a new job. At least not one that I’ll find interesting…

  7. I love the kidney stone reference that patti makes and I would ilke to say that life is like a bitch then you marry one but then I would kind of be doing myself an injustice by saying that, but anyway, life does suck and karma has a sick sense of humour. Better still, get better and pull a sicky and go and do something wild for the day! 😀 At least you will feel good whilst doing it rather than wishing to be sick to stay at home xxx Happy New Year xx

  8. Hi mister sunshine 😉 Happy new year to you too!

    Being a little bit sick isn’t a problem, but you’re right about thinking of others! Still, as long as you’re not sick for life, or terminally ill.. What’s the worst that can happen 😉

    Hope you feel better soon and have a great 2015!

    Kind regards,

  9. Poor you!
    I hope you get one more week of light fever at home! 😉
    You’re so right; it’s insane to show off at work like a weapon of mass destruction, knowing that the closed environment and heating system will spread the bugs.
    Fear, insecurity, or simply trying to be better and stronger than anyone else, and making sure you are all weak!
    Get well soon!

  10. Nasty end of the year, but a promising start with this beautifully lit branch. (I can commiserate with your situation – in my office nobody takes sick leave and they all cough and sneeze at each other; needless to say I hate them all). Sending you some healing and calming thoughts 😉

  11. I’m sorry you’ve been sick, but gawd what a refreshing blog post! I so totally agree with Andy Townend @belgianstreets !

    About the bitch; it’s either about money OR to come across as some kind of hero(ine). I don’t know what the system is there in Norway, but I suspect it’s similar to the Swedish system, so why didn’t she just call Försäkringskassan [or whatever]?! I can’t stand people like that — they orate about work ethic … blah blah … I would just like to slap them with a wet trout.

    Happy New Year 😉

      • När jag jobbade, stannade jag alltid hemma när jag var förkyld. Vid ett tillfälle … tror jag hade varit hemma tre dagar eller så … och kom tillbaka, så sa en av de överallt närvarande bitches: « *Menar* du att du lyckats (!) vara hemma så länge för en *förkylning*??!»

        Hur man än vänder sig så har man ändan bak! *old Swedish quote* LOL

  12. Such a witty, wonderful report to which i can relate and commiserate 😉 I have middle-aged hag of a supervisor, who thinks herself to be Julia Roberts and totally brainless, useless, manipulative female 😛 She thinks that her electric blue eye liner is next best thing to sliced bread 😀
    I am glad to know that now you can tolerate your own farts……..that’s an achievement 😉
    Sad that you spent your holidays being sick :/
    That’s lovely, hopeful picture. Happy new year !! Hugs ❤

  13. sorry to read you’ve been sick and feeling unwell… I hope you are already feeling better… 🙂
    the shot is very beautiful… it tells me photography is your creative outlet and escape from “boring and shitty work” 🙂

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