Photo Galleries | Random 2014

I thought that I’d recycle – it’s environmental friendly, plus there’s not a lot of traffic during the holidays, so posting new stuff is useless anyway. Enjoy these two photo galleries with random shots uploaded in 2014.

January – May:

June – December:

These are my plans for 2015:

  • The weekly Sunday posts in my secondary blog won’t continue (only 2 or 3 of you will miss those posts, so it won’t be a big loss).
  • Instead I’ll do a couple of guest posts in other blogs, and..
  • … I’ve been thinking about starting a monthly challenge that will give you a diverse set of pictures for your portfolio.
  • I might (or I might not) finish one of my neverending projects (The digital drawing of Alice in Wonderland).
  • Hopefully I’ll publish the next article in the History of Tattoo (I think I said that last year too, so don’t get your hopes up).
  • And of course it’ll be business as usual: participating in weekly photo challenges, posting a photo now & then, here & there.

59 thoughts on “Photo Galleries | Random 2014

      • I will be taking a bit of a break after the voting for the Photo of the Year, and I am not sure when I will be back.

          • It is. With having over 450 emails a day coming through with posts from people, I can’t visit them all. It seems a full time job.

        • I turned off the email notifications for all the blogs that I follow, except for two handfuls. I had a filter on the emails, so they all ended in one folder, but still that folder just kept on growing and growing…
          My advice to you: delete all the unread blog post emails that you’ve gotten, change your notification settings so that you receive no new mails. Then you can pick out a managable amount later.
          New posts are always in the WordPress reader and you can see individual blogs there too.

  1. Wonderful selection! They’re all awesome in their own way. The light in those Tønsberg pictures is beautiful! I think they have a smelteverk there, haven’t thought of that place name in *years*! Brought up Norway in Google Maps today, because I wanted to see where Osterøy was located [not too far from Bergen]. This lead me to look around, realising how little I know about our nearest neighbour.

  2. You really spoilt us here with photos so many that I like the cat face ones were very unusual to say the least. You have a blogging plan I am impressed hehe I suppose I should think of one 🙂

    So glad I met you/found your blog etc I love your diverse range x

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  4. Happy Holidays to you! Looks like a good plan into 2015. I remember you blogging about the History of Tattoos and the Alice in Wonderland illustrations.

    I’ve actually fallen behind in my posts since last month. Had minor surgery, then Thanksgiving came, and now here we are wrapping up the end of 2014.

    Had a wonderful Winter Solstice and Yule ritual. That I blogged about!

    Looking forward to 2015 being positive and filled with much love and prosperity.
    It’s also my Chinese New Year animal – the Goat!

    Hope you and the family are doing great.

      • Thank you, CG! I’m pretty much healed from the procedure. Next one will be in a few months to work on a torn meniscus. Taking advantage of the health coverage I have before any possible changes take place. How’s the baby doing? 🙂

  5. In the short time that I have made your acquaintance, I have to say……….1) You are an excellent photographer and a brilliant editor. 2) You are observant and always a learner. 3) Your advice are more practical than theory. 4) From your posts and comments, you come across with a whacky sense of humor 😉 5) Happy to know you 🙂
    ………………..lemme take a breath ! 😉
    Have a wonderful year ahead! Kindly do not stop surprising and amazing us ! 😀

  6. Great selection for the end of 2014!! Happy New Year to You…I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog today. Means the world to me. Going through a lot… Jackie:)

  7. Love all of them ! Can’t possibly choose a favorite! (maybe the water drop) I have a question please, you are good at these things. Since Flickr is no longer streaming how did you get the Flickr Icon? I can’t find it anywhere ? Thanks Kat!

  8. year in review is a great idea… most of the shots I haven’t seen before… some great stuff here, Cardinal 🙂 looking forward to the photos you will be taking in the new year…!!

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