Monochrome Yule

Yule is here and so is Monochrome Madness.


A Yule decoration at the Folk Museum in Oslo.

This is my entry for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness post. I guess it’ll be online about 24-hours after this post. Today I’ve made onion jam and mustard for the upcoming family dinner (in Norway we celebrate on the evening of the 24th).

Edit. Leanne’s post is up.

19 thoughts on “Monochrome Yule

  1. My book was published this morning, CG: You get a mention on Page 143, and another page a bit later!

  2. Great work on this one. Love how the stars are the only things shining in this photo. Onion jam and mustard? That sounds delicious. I am assuming you will spread it all over your dinner. Happy holidays.

    • Yes, it’ll be perfect with the deer stake that we’ll have. Today I made rice pudding that I’ll make rice pudding of tomorrow. Happy holidays to you too Mabel!

    • I feel a bit better, but I’m still sick: the heaters are on full power, I’m wearing several layers of warm clothes, but I’m still freezing. It actually made me change plans on what to shoot for the guest post in your blog, so now I’ll photograph something that’s closer to home than what I’d originally planned (the barcode is too far away and I doubt that I’ll have the energy to go there during the next couple of days).

      • Yes, you did a smart choice. Just stay warm and use this time at home to get completely well. I suppose the theme is still “architecture”? I took photos for your guest challenge before Christmas and it was a smart thing to do, cause now the town is covered in snow and they are forecasting -17.

          • Thank you for being so professionally conscious 🙂 I meant to ask you – what would you like me to do with potential entries that do not follow the theme (you know I allow people to link even if it does not fit)? Should I link to them on my B&W Sunday architecture post (which will be a response to yours) or on your guest post?

        • That’s a good question Paula. I haven’t really thought about it at all, but I must say that I quite like your idea of linking them on your B&W Sunday architecture post.
          Of course, the best thing would be if they decide to stick to the theme!

          • I don’t expect many entries :S. I wish and hope gues blogging (more involvement) from bloggers would change that. I will link only architecture post on your guest post then, and all entries indiscriminately on mine (with thumbnails) 😀

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