and to these, I drink tonight

A “selfie” from the Barcode Area in Bjørvika Oslo. The Barcode has been criticized for being decadent.

Barcode Self-portrait

Barcode Self-portrait


“there’s nothing to
there’s nothing to
there’s nothing to
it’s sad
it’s not

seems the
most sensible
a person can 
with drink in
as the walls
their goodbye

one comes through
with a certain 
amount of
efficiency and

some accept
the possibility of
to help them

take it
staight on

and to these

I drink 

― Charles Bukowski, You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense

Edit: LIke you see in the link above, the theme for WordPress’ weekly photo challenge this week is “Yellow”. Over at WordPress, they write: «With this week’s challenge, show us what yellow means to you.»
So, what has this post got to do with yellow? Yellow doesn’t really mean anything to me, it’s just a color like all the others and I think that those kind of challenges are lame. “Show us blue, show us green, show us red, show us this or that color… So, I decided to post a photo where I removed all the colors – including yellow.
If you’re going to have show us this or that at color “challenges”, at least pick some colors that make people go: “What?!? Which color is that???” For example: brilliant azure, AuroMetalSaurus or caput mortuum.

48 thoughts on “and to these, I drink tonight

  1. Oooh lala thank you for joining in the decadent post. Would it be rude to say that pic scared me. Its the teeth! Shivvers…

    I dont know how you do it your a wizard with photo editing.

    I was looking beiefly and will take more time when time at your tattoo posts the facial woei was amazing but i digress. Punchy words in that quote x

  2. This is amusing 😀 As I said before, I don’t find these type of challenges lame :). In fact I have planned a red challenge some time next year.

    • I agree 100% with Lucile that writes below here: “I found the idea of the challenge thoughtless and dull; like a lazy and last minute action before going on holidays.”

  3. You did express your opinion about the challenge on this photo: ‘read my lips…don’t mess up with my time’.
    That’s just what it evoked to me.
    And btw, I found the idea of the challenge thoughtless and dull; like a lazy and last minute action before going on holidays.

  4. Have to say I agree completely on everything you’ve said above: on the lameness of the WP challenges I’ve learnt that most people don’t really want to think outside the box (I’ve had the same three bloggers participating in my own 2 challenges for way too long no matter what I throw out there and I might just pack it in in the new year…) and the only reason I still do the weekly is to try and catch up on what people are doing and try and engage someone, anyone….
    You might have hit the mark with a response to yellow though – Bukowski, sitting in the dull glow of some badly lit bar, could well have written that loneliness takes on all shades of yellow for it’s not always a happy colour… Love your selfie, pretty much the way I feel today!

    • I guess you’re right that most people don’t really want to think outside the box. Perhaps it’s beacuse they don’t know how to? (Hopefully it’s not because they don’t care or can’t be bothered).
      As you know I’ve been having Pin-up Sundays & Sexy Sundays in my other blog for the past two years, but they won’t continue in 2015. I’m planning a monthly challenge for 2015, plus I’m doing two guest posts at Paula’s blog and hopefully one or two for Leanne Cole.

      You’re right about Bukowski, he probably wrote that poem in a badly lit bar or in a badly lit room.

  5. No matter what the challenge, it does make me think a little and remember photos that are special at least to me.

  6. I love this one, the poem and the portrait, the words seem so perfect from the walls to the asking of reason, to the presence of the gods. Thank you for the follow, of course you know I will revisit for time to time

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