Autumn Leftovers – Just Thursday Bloghop

I’ll share these leftover photos from autumn with the «Just Thursday Bloghop».

The question this Thursday is “What’s your favorite time of day?”
My favorite time is the morning – the time around and right after sunrise, when you have a softer light and longer shadows than during the middle of the day. Also the afternoon/evening when you get the same long shadows and a beautiful light. I’m also a sucker for night photography – setting up a tripod to get those long-exposure shots – I love it. I like the feeling of walking around alone, in strange cities at night, capturing those special scenes. Like I did when I visited The Açores last year (see two examples here & here).

Go have a look at the other «Just Thursday Bloghop» bloggers favorite times of day: 

29 thoughts on “Autumn Leftovers – Just Thursday Bloghop

  1. Great work on these shots. Lovely long shadow you captured there. Hard to pick a favourite time of the day, it depends. I generally don’t function too well in mornings, but I love going out in the afternoon to take photos – plenty of light, I like my photos to be well lit and vivid in colour. Night time photography is something I’ve yet to get into yet, but keen on 🙂

  2. When it comes to photography, I don’t know what I am the most. In my blog post, I stated that I’m a ‘morning person’, which is true. But I’m a sucker for night photography too. It’s just that I’m a little scared to be out on my own in the city at night.

    All that said, I don’t think anything beats the morning light … just a few minutes before sunrise … when everything turns into some type of indigo shade… but one has to be out there! 😀

  3. A lovely selection of autumnal shots Cardinal – light, colour and dead thingies! Like you I love the night hours and am also partial to the harsh glare of the midday sun.

  4. Likewise; morning and evening on clear, high pressure weather days when the sun is just high enough above the horizon to cast long deep dark shadows that cut up and shape illuminated objects.

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