Winter at The Folk Museum


Winter scene from the Folk Museum at Bygdøy, Oslo.

During the weekend we visited the Folk Museum at Bygdøy, Oslo. They held a Yule market there and it was extremely crowded and horrible, but I did get some nice shots – this being one of them.

41 thoughts on “Winter at The Folk Museum

    • Yes, it’s too bad. The main problem was that the organizers gave free entry to all the members of two different, large organisations (a building society and another one), plus all the customers of what I believe is the largest Norwegian bank. They should have separated it into different days: one day for the bank customers and the next day for the organisation members.

      We went there with a baby carriage and because of the crowd it was just impossible to get around where the market was held. In the end we gave up went to take the bus back to the city, but even on the bus stop people showed themselves in front of us, so we didn’t even get on the bus. It was a disgusting display on the egoistic nature of humanity. We had to walk to the stop prior to the Folk Museum in order to get on the bus. It was the first and last time we ever visit that market.

  1. oh what a shame it was crowded, I love Christmas festivals but huge crowds no i don’t if they are jostling one around, you really do have Christmas weather there 🙂 x

    • We had Yule weather, then it disappeared and today it’s back again. It’s coming and going. I hope we’ll get some cold days in a row so that the water freezes and the ice skating season can begin.

  2. Doesn’t look very crowded from this angle. But I know they’re probably just out of sight. Oh, wait, now I see them in the distance. Well, they are not disturbing in this shot at all.

  3. it’s beautiful… Yule markets (which Google says is Christmas markets 🙂 ) are usually crowded and horrible lol… but nothing of it is suggested here… it’s very peaceful and the light is so soft… love it!!

    • Google is right, Yule is Christmas. Around here we celebrated Yule for hundreds of years, but then Christianity came along, stole Yule and renamed it Christmas (it’s easier to implement a new religion if you use the holidays that people are already celebrating). People here still call it “Jul” and not “Kristmesse” which would have been the Norwegian word for Christmas.

      Here’s a crowd photo:

      • it is much the same here, what were once pagan traditions became Christian, but still preserving many of the old beliefs… 🙂
        and thank you kindly for explaining the Jule to me…

        the crowded photo is really… crowded lol 🙂 bug just as beautiful… 🙂

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