Photo101 Wrap-up

The Photo101 month is over. I’ve already posted a gallery with some of my favorite shots on the second weekend of photo101. Now it’s the last weekend, so here’s another gallery (I made sure not to choose the same ones as last time).

29 thoughts on “Photo101 Wrap-up

  1. I think the bicycles are my favourite but they are all stunning photos. Rush Hour and the barcode shots. Love them. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

      • yay glad to hear it on both accounts 🙂 I am getting in to the seasonal spirit now and oh yes hosting my first challenge tomorrow which is photography based i hope you might come and join me 🙂 x

  2. The bicycles and the coffee shots are wonderful. I went out tonight and shot some pictures of Saint John, but my lights didn’t come out that starry … a little bit, but not at all as perfect as in your bike shot. Bläh!

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