27 thoughts on “Rush Hour | Miniature Effect

  1. Great effects, Cardinal. Looking at the first photo, I thought I was looking at a miniature lego set. It is amazing what a point and shoot camera can do these days. I just got a new Canon one 🙂

      • Thanks, Cardinal. I’ve been using a Canon Ixus 80IS for about seven years. Last week while I was bored at work I bought the Canon G7X online…bit of a splurge since I have a Fuji mirrorless but it’s been so long 😀

        It had to be a point-and-shoot Canon because the Ixus worked so well for me.

        Always love your photos, whether you take them with a point-and-shoot or not.

        • The G7X looks like an interesting camera, with the options of both automatic and manual focus, plus it can shoot RAW. Definitely another league than my point&shoot. Please let me know what you think about it and share some photos after you’ve gotten to know your camera!

          • Will keep you posted on my G7X. So far I’m loving the fact it has manual controls. But battery life is dismissal. Maybe someday I’ll read your posts about your shooting equipment. Your photos don’t disappoint!

    • Thanks Eclectic. I used the miniature settings on the camera on the first 3 shots. What the miniature setting does, is basically just to blur the top and the bottom of the photo, leaving a small strip in the middle that’s in focus. This effect is very easy to replicate with image editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp.
      The last one is shot with a long shutter and then made into B&W.

    • Thanks for commenting Leanne!
      On these shots the camera automatically sets the effect by adding blur to the top & bottom of the photo – an effect that’s easy to replicate on regular photos using Photoshop or other software. The only thing you really need to think about is the angle: it works best on shots that are taken from above.

    • Thank you Lignum. Luckily it was just grey and dark enough to pull of a long-exposure without getting all the details burnt out. Some parts are burnt out, but the pocket camera only has a couple of options for long-exposure and it’s not possible to do manual adjustments to them.

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