40 thoughts on “Lion Light Pole

  1. Architected light pole – genius 😀 It’s not only morphing of eyes and nose that is done perfectly, but your copyright too. Me impressed – even more than usual 😀

    • Thank you very much Paula. I’m glad that you noticed the details. At first I just placed my watermark down in the corner as usual, but then I thought that it would look better if I put some work into it.
      I had to warp and twist my face a little bit to make it fit onto the lion’s face: the nose, lip, chin and eyes are all part me, part lion.

      • Yes, I have noticed the difference between you and the lion. I know that it is not easy to match two faces, be it human or animal 😀 I can hardly wait to show you my morphing 😉

  2. Oh, we were thinking a little along the same lines today, CG! Love how you did that … especially the way you managed to work your watermark into the pole so that it merged! Great thinking! 🙂

  3. I know I called your work genius last time. This one IS even more so! Cardinal G. com engraved on the lion pole is really cool. The eyes, wow!!

  4. Wow! You’ve introduced me to something entirely new – morphing! An other-wordly effect here, that’s for certain. And the awesomely creepy remark – spot on 🙂 Love your creativity!

    • Thanks Stacy! Hopefully some day, I’ll be able to use my creativity in a job.
      (Until then, I’m just stuck in that pole, while days & people are passing by).

  5. I stayed a lot in front of this image… trying to understand…
    Then I knew the way for it, but still wondering about…
    Beautiful, in any case !

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