Pop of Colour: a single leaf

The theme for #photo101 today is Pop of Colour.

A pop of colour and a touch of blur.

A pop of colour and a touch of blur.

In this photo I’ve desaturated the colours, added some saturation to the leaf and added a blur to tone down distracting parts of the image.

Here’s another one. More a touch of colour than a pop of colour.


Waiting for freshly brewed coffee.

52 thoughts on “Pop of Colour: a single leaf

  1. Great photos, just right for this task. I really like the the coffee shot even though in not a coffee person, it is just do evocative. Well done😄

  2. Excellent shots, Cardinal. I love the first one, there are even reflections in the water. The leaf looks wilted, yet its colours still stand out. Looks like you had to go low for that shot. Hope your legs didn’t get too wet 🙂

  3. I was wondering if someone was going to do selective colouring for this one :D. Fabulous! And that leaf of course really pops out (like the blurring in the upper half of the photo)

  4. Oh, these are equally fabulous, CG, but the coffee pic really sticks out!!!

    [sometimes, during this challenge month, there *must* be one where the bottles fit in! 😀 ]

  5. Excellent photos, Cardinal. The blur looks great, it certainly keeps your eye from wandering too much from the great color of the leaf and the reflection behind it. As for the second photo, normally I’m not a big fan or selective coloring in a B&W image. Maybe because it’s often overused and the color always seems to be red, and the selectively colored object always seems to be a rose. But that touch wonderfully caffeinated, mahogany nectar is perfect. In fact I’m not sure that I’d like the photo as much without it. The fact you chose not to slap us in the face with a brighter color is what I think sets this apart.

    Now I need to go get another cup of coffee!

    • Thank you Mr. Sinon. I couldn’t agree more on the red – it’s overused when it comes to selective colour: red roses, red dress, red umbrella, lady in red, red lips, red heart, red lingerie, red apple… and the list goes on.

  6. What wonderful shots, Cardinal. I love the leaf and the rain-drenched background – the reflections add a wonderful dimension to the photo. As for the coffee shot, just sublime! I tend to look at the big scene in front of me and need to remember to embrace the details. I find these shots so wonderfully powerful. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. 2 great choices and just right for the theme. I especially like the desaturation in the second photo and the shiny, metallic look with the emphasise on the coffee.

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