Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

As some you know, I’m participating in WordPress #photo101 project (hosted by @cherilucas, @michelleweber, @jenhooks & @rootjosh). So far I’ve posted something every day (we have the weekends off) and for me, that’s an achievement. Since achievement is the theme for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week, I thought I’d present to you this gallery with some of the highlights from the past two weeks. If you want to visit the original posts, just scroll through the blog and you’ll find them.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

  1. 😀 Clever self-publicizing 😉 I would do the same but I am too tired to copy – nah, I never copy 🙂 I love your dinner party most, followed by the snow – water scene .. then others.

    • Thanks Paula. After two weeks of intensive publishing and after having already posted something today that I was very pleased with, I felt that this was an easy way to join the WPC without too much hassle. I realized that for me, two weeks of creativity and daily posting, is an achievement worthy a post.
      I don’t mind if you copy, I’m not claiming ownership to the idea of presenting a photo gallery 🙂

      Have a wonderful Friday! Now it’s time for a movie, some pizza and a jug of wine!

  2. I agree..It is a very good idea…And a real achievement!!! I am wondering if I would be able to keep with the challenge myself!!! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks ilargia. I’m also wondering if I can keep up with the challenge. I’ll do my best!
      I pretty much didn’t go online at all during the weekend, but I did get to spend a lot of time working on a photo related project, so it was a very creative and effective weekend. I hope yours was great too!

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