Cirka Loka HalLokween 2014 Portraits Part 1

Last weekend I was the photographer at Cirka Loka’s HalLOKween Party 2014. Here’s part 1 of the photo gallery from that night.


The light conditions were difficult to work with because they were constantly changing and the autofocus sometimes struggled with the darkness and the smoke. So, it was challenging conditions, but at the same time it was tons of fun and very educative. Big thanks to all the sporty people that let me take their portraits! Thanks for an awesome party with great people! All in all I’d say that the party was fantastic & epic!



13 thoughts on “Cirka Loka HalLokween 2014 Portraits Part 1

  1. Max, you did a terrific job! I would be either scared or would shake from laughter most of the time to be able to take half a decent pic (not that I am comparing my camera skills with yours). How are your clarvoyance skills? I could use heads up on tomorrows photo 101 theme….

      • Ha, I have those, I took those, ha. I hope it will not be anything lame as family – I have already used all my mushroom/pumpkin and sheep shots 😀

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