Street Photo: Jerusalem 9912


העיר העתיקה, ירושלים,

On this photo one person is obviously ascending, while the group of people in the background are descending. There’s some noise in this photo because I had to shoot at a high ISO in order to capture the scene in the poor light conditions. I didn’t want to remove too much of the noise in the post-processing, because then the image tends to be too soft and smooth.

Did you know that in Hebrew, when one is going to Jerusalem, they use the expression *to ascend to Jerusalem*? לעלות לירושלים
The expression עלייה – Aliyah, used when someone moves to Israel on a permanent basis, is also rooted in the same verb.

46 thoughts on “Street Photo: Jerusalem 9912

  1. Did you actually take this photograph? It’s title just “Old City” in Hebrew. Just wondering when you were there. I left in 1987, but visited once more in 2001.

    • Hi Marilyn. Yes, I took this photo (and all the others in this blog except for a few where I write about artist/tattoos, but then I always credit the photographer when I can). I’ve been to Jerusalem numerous times, I don’t actually know how many.

      • I lived there for 9 years and sometimes dream about it in Hebrew. I don’t read Hebrew very well, but sometimes I can read a couple of words (and am always so proud of myself when I do!) … That’s a great moody, broody shot of the old city …

  2. Love the photo, and interesting, enlightening reading too. Always thought aliyah had something to do with «wave», but never checked it out…

  3. Wonderful, wonderful shot. A unique response coupled with an interesting composition and play of light. Your picture tells a story–my very favorite sort of shot.

  4. Wonderful photo. The word Aliyah is also used when someone is called up to the Torah, also meaning “to go up” but the pronunciation is different from when a person moves to Israel, why I don’t know.

  5. Bravo! Ascent and etymology and a cool noisy pic :D. I like the final result – let’s not be pixel Nazi and enjoy the retro film look 😀

    • Thanks Scott. The ramps are for trolleys that they use in these narrow alleyways to transport goods. I have some shots of them somewhere. I’ll look for it and show you.

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