Portrait of a Musician


Knut Neerland is a Norwegian photographer and musician. I took this photo probably around 2001-2003.

I guess this photo could have been the cover art for an album. The guy playing guitar on the photo is Knut.
Knut and I met through mutual friends and he’s a guest musician on several of my ‘recordings’.

If you’re interested in listening, here’s a tune we recorded many years ago. This recording is from an early rehearsal of the song. The lyrics are based on a short story by Franz Kafka and the video has nothing to do with the song at all. It was just something I added so there’s something to watch while the song is playing.

You can find more music here: https://cardinalguzman.wordpress.com/music/

19 thoughts on “Portrait of a Musician

    • Thank you Dune Mouse. I’ve been sitting for two hours making the video with Windows Movie Maker. I don’t really know the software, so it takes me forever to do all the changes that’s needed… Unfortunatley I don’t have any suitable movie clips, so I just end up using what I have available.

  1. This video is great and goes surprisingly well with the music. I love the rhythm of both. Sadly I have no idea of what you are singing…would you mind to tell me the title of the short story? ( maybe The Married Couple?)
    Have a great weekend

    • Thank you Montserrat and thanks for asking about the story. I’ve written down and translated the lyrics for you and copied some info from Wikipedia as well.

      “The Hunter Gracchus” (German: “Der Jäger Gracchus”) is a short story by Franz Kafka. The story presents a boat carrying the long-dead Hunter Gracchus as it arrives at a port. The Burgomaster of Riva enters the boat and inside he meets Gracchus, who gives him an account of his death while hunting, and explains that he is destined to wander aimlessly and eternally over the seas. (Source: Wikipedia)

      Norwegian lyrics for “Jegeren Gracchus”:

      Skuten min er uten ror
      den seiler med vinde som blåser
      Vinden som blåser
      i dødens laveste regioner

      Alt går i ring for meg
      så det er bedre at jeg spør
      Selv om jeg allerede vet
      så er det bedre at jeg spør

      Dødsskuten tok feil kurs
      den seiler i jordiske farvann
      Den seiler ensom og øde
      forlatt i jordiske farvann

      Skuten min er uten ror
      den seiler med vinde som blåser
      Vinden som blåser
      i dødens laveste regioner

      Om jeg tar det store spranget
      til porten som lyser mot meg
      Så våkner opp på min gamle skute
      ensom og øde i jordiske farvann

      Alle dører i alle hus
      vil allltid forbli lukket
      For duene flyr i forkant
      og de melder om min adkomst

      Jeg er jegeren Gracchus
      evig seilende på de syv hav
      Jeg er jegeren Gracchus

      English translation of The Hunter Gracchus:

      My ship is rudderless
      it’s sailing with the blowing wind
      The wind that’s blowing
      in the lowest regions of death

      For me everything goes in a ring (the existence is ciruclar)
      so it’s better that I ask
      Although I already know
      it’s better that I ask

      The ship of death took the wrong course
      and is now sailing the earthly (the mortal) waters
      A lonely and desolate sail
      abandoned in earthly waters

      My ship is rudderless
      it’s sailing with the blowing wind
      The wind that’s blowing
      in the lowest regions of death

      If I take the big leap
      towards the illuminated gates
      I wake up on my old ship
      lonely and desolate in earthly waters

      All the doors in every house
      will always remain closed
      Because the pigeons fly in the forefront
      and report of my approach

      I am the hunter Gracchus
      forever sailing the seven seas
      I am the hunter Gracchus

  2. Definitely good cover art! The photo of the guitar player, your friend, is great. I found it much better to read the poem while listening to the music; I found the video a bit distracting.

    • Thanks Angeline. I’ll keep that in mind the next time I’ll post a song and perhaps use a still image, combined with the lyrics in the video itself, instead of using a video clip that doesn’t fit anyway.Your feedback was very helpful. Thank you!

  3. Great portrait and song. It’s funny how even though there is no connection between the song and the video, you can’t help making connections between the two. Very interesting bouyant rhythm they both have.

    • Thanks. I had to slow down the rhythm on the video clip, so that it would match the length of the song – totally random of course. Video editing is definitely not something I do on a regular basis.

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