As the sun rose over Jerusalem

Early one morning, while the sun was rising, someone sat down for a rest on a bench in Jerusalem. Little did he know that a photographer was lurking in the bushes…

If you like B&W photos, have a look at Leanne Cole’s blog and her Monochrome Madness! posts:

11 thoughts on “As the sun rose over Jerusalem

  1. In addition to converting it to B&W you have also blurred the background which I like. These are two different shots to me: the first one draws my eye more for the beautiful light on the buildings; the B&W one is more a portrait shot. Me likey

    • Thanks Paula. I also liked the golden morning light on the buildings and I liked it in B&W. I experimented and turned the first one into B&W as well, but it just looked flat and boring as BW. The blurred background is a result of the focal lenghts: 60 vs 92mm. They’re both shot on F/4.

  2. Good couple of shots there. Very sneaky of you. I like the colour shot better. I hope your camera wasn’t too noisy and made him turn around. It looks like a good sunny day’s ahead, but yet there seems to be something moody about the guy sitting there. The second one looks very serious, which I also like. Well done 🙂

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