Milk Splash Model


Milk Splash Beata by

This could have been an advertisement for the infamous Korova Milk Bar from the movie/book A Clockwork Orange, but it’s not. Ben Rowe posted a milk splash tulip the other day. I was inspired by his result and felt like playing with some milk myself, so I sat down and created this. At first it had too much air on the right side of the photo and I thought that I wouldn’t bother to correct it, but then I corrected it anyway.

Model: Beata Siudek was my model for this photo.
Milk Splash: Free milk splash images found @:
Font: Mistral, by Roger Excoffon

WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge:

42 thoughts on “Milk Splash Model

    • Good question. I worked on it for 2½ – 3 ineffective hours (surfing the internet, commenting in blogs, checking emails, making a cup of tea, checking on my son, etc). Without all the shenanigans, I assume it would take 1-1½ hour.

      Edit: I forgot to say that I very much enjoyed this weeks theme. It made me look into physics and the refractive index of liquids, so now I know that light travels 1.35 times faster in a vacuum than it does in milk.

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    • Thanks Khürt. It’s actually not so much technique in this. I just downloaded the milk splash from the link and experimented with layers on my photo until I was pleased with the result.

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