Early Morning Workers


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47 thoughts on “Early Morning Workers

        • Thanks Paula. The Canon Ixus has started pissing me off more and more lately. It’s a crap camera.
          Anyway, we only have one life and in that life we’re forced into lifelong work (slavery) to keep the economic wheels turning and the banks happy… That’s why I was up.
          Or, like most people probably would put it; I was on my way to work.

          • How do you manage to make me laugh every time 😀
            Since I switched to dslr I find very annoying to use point and click cameras – I got used to a viewfinder too much. I like the sense of control despite all the heavy load on my neck.

        • I also prefer the control & creative options with a DSLR. Most importantly: the endless possibilities that you get from the RAW format in the post-processing.

          • I am aware of the advantage of raw files and I shoot both raw and jpgs, but recently when I open my raw files I tend to apply very little adjustments. I like the way they get out of the camera.

        • I love tweaking, adjusting and manipulating the shit out photos. Lately I’ve been thinking about creating more stuff in Photoshop like I used to do, but I’ll have to weigh it up against time…. (it can be a major time thief).

          • It is an addictive hobby and with your knowledge of Photoshop I can only imagine the stuff you are able to produce. I get kick out of a successful editing, but I am even more pleased if I manage to take a successful photo that does not require manipulation. With the winter coming I imagine I will be spending more time in lightroom 😉

        • I also love a successful photo, but even successful photos require manipulation such as sharpening and lens correction.
          When the winter comes I hope I get to use my ice skates more than what I did last winter (which was perhaps once?), plus take my son out to play in the snow with a sledge/toboggan. Hopefully we’ll be able to recreate our own version of William James Topley’s (1845-1930) photo «Lady Dufferin’s Toboggan Party».
          At least we’ll have fun trying!

          But yes, the winter is a perfect time for working with software. It’s cold outside and it’s also dark – which makes it much more comfortable to sit in front of a screen.

          • That’s the monumental photo, Max. Thank you very much for showing it 🙂 Minimum sharpening and lens correction – this is not what I consider manipulation 😀

  1. What a fascinating image! The light is perfection. The bent-over worker reminds me of that famous painting of the workers gathering wheat in a field. If I weren’t so senile, I could recall the title… Chuckle… I like this a lot, Cardinal.

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  3. Great morning shot, Cardinal. Amazing work with the camera and I’m guessing maybe Photoshop.As the others have said, the light looks magnificent – putting the worker in the spotlight nice and early in the morning. I hope you went to bed after that, or had a big breakfast 😀

    • Hi Mabel. I didn’t do much with this shot: I turned it into B&W (obviously), sharpened it and added a vignette. When I shot this I was on my way to slave for the bank system. Unfortunately I couldn’t go back to bed and a small breakfast was already ingested.

      • You do take decent photos while you are in a rush, Cardinal. The hours of the day certainly don’t stop you. Very clever tricks with this shot too.

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