Berlin Cathedral




Jo has been on a Monday walk again. This time she went to Leeds waterfront . I decided to join her with these photos from Berlin. If you wonder, I can reveal that this is the Berlin Cathedral.

41 thoughts on “Berlin Cathedral

  1. Amazing photos once again. I usually preferred coloured photos over BW, but these photos of the Berlin Wall are gorgeous. The second photo looks very…dreamy. Maybe it’s because of the pastel-toned colours. Happy wandering and snapping photos.

    • Thank you Mabel. The Berlin cathedral is beautiful. I should have straightened the buildings in the post-processing, but I almost never bother to straighten architectural shots.

    • Thank you Joshi. It looks good, but it looks like it’s about to tip over to the side (I didn’t take the time to straighten the buildings in the post-processing).

  2. Really like the last shot, the mixture of cool tones in the foreground and the warm in the background works nicely together and my eye is drawn deeper into the image. Great shot/

  3. I don’t know anything about the Berlin Cathedral, Cardinal, but these are certainly beautiful shots. I may have to wander off to Google again. Many thanks for the link up. 🙂

  4. Brilliant. In the first two versions I like the sharpness (especially the b&w version – I think it comes out slightly better) and in the last picture I like the dramatic setting and the frame chosen.

  5. If you are curious to know which one I prefer – it is the black & white one 🙂 I would like to visit Berlin too.

  6. Hello CG!

    I’ve been a bit inactive on WP until recently. Gratefully shooting a lot more and made some changes in how I do social media. Changing the game around.

    I’ve been rediscovering my interests in Architecture recently and photographed some beautiful Victorian homes in the historic part of Angeleno Heights.

    These images come at a perfect time while I keep an eye open for unique Architecture styles.
    Beautiful images..

    You and the family are doing good, I hope!

    • Hi Aimee. It’s great to hear that you’ve been shooting a lot, I’m looking forward to see some of the results in your blog. I agree with you on your post about staying off Facebook and the Angeleno Heights looks like a very beautiful neighborhood. Hopefully I can bring my family and visit Angeleno one day.

      • Yes, it’s been an amazing creative wave that I’ve been on. I just want to shoot so much these days!

        FBook I don’t even miss. I have the other social media sites that are keeping me busy enough as it is. And trying to get my name/work out there to boot.

        Yes, Angeleno Heights is a wonderful historic neighborhood.
        A few others with similar historic architecture. Still planning to get to the West Adams neighborhood which was the “original” Beverly Hills.

        Let me know if you do ever plan a visit and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

        Looking to add another blog entry in a few days!

        Be in touch.. ~A~

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  8. Love architecture, and would like to see inside this building, if you have any photos. The third image is my preference – sky, clouds, colour, perspective – I shall have to have a root through my old (pre-digital) photos and see if I got a shot of this cathedral.
    Jude (via the restless one)

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