Street Portrait: The Photographer

This portrait photographer in Jerusalem suggested that I should use a Polaroid camera. “It’s much better than those new digital cameras”, he said.


Street portrait of street portrait photographer in Jerusalem.

I met this photographer as I was walking around in Jerusalem, he sold Polaroid pictures as a way of making ends meet. I felt like I had to support a fellow photographer, so that’s a photo of me that he’s holding in his hand.
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41 thoughts on “Street Portrait: The Photographer

  1. That was very, very nice of you, Cardinal. I bet you made the fellow photographer’s day – he was happy enough to pose for a photo for you. I suppose you actually bought that photo and took it home with you?

    • Thanks Daily. The photo was ridiculously overpriced, but in cases like this you don’t really buy a photograph, but you’re helping out a fellow human being to get by in life with the self-respect and dignity intact. And that’s always worth more than the cost price of a Polaroid.

  2. Whenever I have the chance, I like to be photographed by street photographers too, but I don’t have any polaroid yet. Isn’t it a special memory from the place you once visited? I think so, better than a selfie.

      • Mmmm… Well pointed out. I like sefies, to be honest, though I don’t practise enough. In your opinion, what’s the difference between a selfie and a Self portrait?

        • A selfie is shot handheld, typically with a phone, while a self-portrait is set up with tripod and timer. It takes more effort and planning to shoot a self-portrait.

  3. I was busy being entertained by Paula’s Googled Norwegian, Cardinal, and forgot what I was going to say! Thanks again for joining my walkers. 🙂

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