Street Portrait 9650

Another one from Petra, Jordan.


Some women that were having lunch, drinking tea and probably bitching about life.

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34 thoughts on “Street Portrait 9650

  1. They look good-humoured to me. I don’t think they are bitching 😉 It’s a great portrait, Max. My favourite element is the donkey. I wish people would always post donkeys for my TS 😀 Much obliged! Tusen takk! Fin torsdag!

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  3. I love this shot, Cardinal. Especially like how you got the horse in the frame. It does look hungry but the three women aren’t paying too much attention to it.

    • I’d forgotten about it, but you’re absolutely right. The donkey was hungry and we gave him/her an apple. The gypsies wanted us to give them apples instead of the donkey, but I’d rather feed a hungry donkey than a full gypsy.

      • LOL, Cardinal. You must have had three annoyed women in front of you when you fed the donkey (sorry, I called it a horse) 😀 But it needed food, and you did the morally correct thing.

  4. You captured the moment, CG! The background added the texture and the the donkey gave a little fun to the photo. It looks like they were having a good chat.

  5. Very well captured! I like the naturalness of the moment the most – no fake posing or smile, just ladies with their donkey (or donkey with his ladies) being their lovely selves. 🙂

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