Ancient Oppland

This is a short break from the portrait week that will continue after this post. These are photos of an old building that I saw somewhere in Oppland, Norway.

The “Ancient Oppland”-post was already scheduled because of Leanne Cole’s «Monochrome Madness!! Challenge», that she publishes on Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings.

17 thoughts on “Ancient Oppland

  1. Very interesting, Max! I like the second rendition better than the first one. HDR looks great, but so much detail keeps me distracted from the subject. Do I make sense?

    • Yes, it makes perfect sense and I see your point, but for my taste this looks just a tiny bit better with all the details. I’m thinking now that I should have experimented with HDR on the building and kept the background normal…. Perhaps I’ll try something like that next time.

  2. These are amazing! It helps that the subject is so striking, but your treatment of the images makes them spectacular. (I enjoyed reading the comments, and your explanations and thoughts, too!)

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