3 thoughts on “IMG_1992

  1. I’ll have to consult the Google translator on this one. I think it is objecting to people throwing paper and q-tips?

    • Here’s a translation:
      «Shit, piss, and toilet paper is all that’s going into the toilet.
      Throwing food leftovers, q-tips, snus (it’s a kind of Swedish chewing tobacco) and coffee grounds is simple. Every time you invite the rats home to you».

      (this is a direct translation, but I guess what they meant to say was. “Every time you do that, you invite the rats home to you».)

      It’s in Norwegian, but it’s written poorly. Plus: are rats more hygienic than what I thought they were? Do they clean their ears with used q-tips. Do they enjoy used tobacco? What about ground coffee? Won’t that just mix with the water and become small particles?

      I don’t throw things in the toilet (basically because I don’t want to pay for a plumber to fix things), but it seems to me like they’re blaming the rats for a whole lot of shit…

      • 😆 I appreciate the translation, Max. Brilliant interpretation. We don’t throw stuff in the toilet for the same reasons 😀

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