Weekend Photo Walk in Oslo

On Saturday I went for a photo walk with some friends and it resulted in this random gallery:

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21 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Walk in Oslo

  1. WOW!! I can’t remember ever coming home from a single walk carrying 48 successful photos!!!! (I am not sure I counted right, there may be even more of them). There are blacks and whites, and amazing colour shots and ones in between which are my favourite. Impressive work, Max! I will be honoured to post the link. Thank you.

    • Thanks for a wonderful comment and for all the individual comments on the photos Paula.
      Your counting is correct, but personally I don’t count them as 48 successful photos: I’m satisfied with less than a handful of them (you are your own worst critique, isn’t that what they say?).

      • You are most welcome, Max. I have a great fun, and found a lot of inspiration along the way. As for being a critique, gosh I hope they are right. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  3. A very colourful city you live in, Cardinal. The mini-waterfalls look wonderful. Not surprised if you were tempted to jump in… Nice mix of architecture, nature and people. You really open your eyes when you take a leisure walk outside 🙂

    • Thank you Mabel. I wanted to walk along a river, but the others voted for the botanical garden. Next time I’ll go on my own and head to the river. Small waterfalls are nice, but bigger ones are better.

    • Yes, it’s a branch that grew into a fence. Now the tree is cut down, but the branch stays there as a reminder to by-passers: “This used to be our place.”

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