Rosekyrkja – The Rose Church

The Rose Church in Stordal

The Rose Church is an octagonal wooden church dating from 1789 C.E. It is famous for its wall paintings which cover the whole church’s interior. The paintings depict scenes from the Bible and stylized floral decoration in typical Norwegian style.

For those interested I’ve scanned some information about The Rose Church. It’s two PDF-files, one in English, the other in Nynorsk. The Rose Church is not a stave church, but I’ll publish it in my Stave Church section anyway, so that it’ll be easy to find for the many people that are interested in such buildings.

Follow one of these links for more information:

RoseChurch-English | Rosekyrkja-Nynorsk

The photos in this post are published under the Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 license and this post was my entry for:


49 thoughts on “Rosekyrkja – The Rose Church

    • The paintings took me by surprise when I entered the church. The wooden building with vegetation roof is some sort of museum. All the wall paintings are in the church.

    • Thank you Janet. I’m glad to hear that. That specific image is turned into HDR from 3 bracketed shots, in order to better show the rust on the cross without losing the scenery in the background.

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  2. Marvellous! There are many beautiful chuches in Norway – this one I had never heard of. How fortunate you stopped there. That other building is traditionally beautiful, and the cross – magnificent. That’s something we do not have much of in Sweden – iron crosses. The graveyards are much more sterile and stony here.

  3. Are you sure it’s a church? 😀 Architecturally, it’s incredible. But as a church … Too decorated, impressingly decorated, to be a house of prayer, don’t you think?

  4. I visited the Rose church in Stordal a few months ago and just last week posted about it. IT is fabulous! The paintings you see are Renaissance baroque – the precursor to Rosemaling aren’t they? I wasn’t able to get good light inside the church ( no flash allowed ) so I am impressed to see your excellent photographs.

    • Thank you! I posted two PDF files with more info about the place in the bottom of my post. They’re scans of the info that you get when visiting the church, so you’ve probably read it already.
      I’ll head over to your blog and check out your post now!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! My 4th great grandfather was the Rosemaler in that church. His name was Webjorn Halling (or Webjorn Olsen Hamarsbo). As you can imagine, I would LOVE to visit there someday! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am also a “many-times”great grandchild of Webjorn Olson Hamarsboe. My husband and I plan to visit Norway this coming summer and will be visiting the Old Stordal Church on July 31st. Do you know of the recently published book called “Brev heim” by Torstein Seim in which are printed letters written by Webjorn Oson Hamarsboe and his brother Svend to their parents about their travels? it is a facinating look into the past.

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