50 thoughts on “Spider Web

  1. both are great, but I prefer color (I like the tones in the background and the naturality of it). It looks like a piece of jewelry!

  2. For this one, black-and-white. The focus on the web is more pronounced without the “distraction” of color behind…

  3. Wow CG…tough choice. Both have their own terrific attributes, but I have to go with the color version. I like how the green bokeh contrasts against the water droplets.

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  5. I like them both, but if I had to make a choice, it would be the black & white, because it gives this old era type feel to it. Amazing photo.

  6. Typically, I prefer and lean toward b&w but it truly depends on the individual image, of course. I sometimes find color can distract the eye from the subject but, other times, as in this case, the color adds to the subject and makes it pop…frames it, in a way. So, this time… color! Beautiful.

  7. I like them both but I think the color offers more contrast and sets off the web because of the color in the background. It is an amazing photo. Like jewels hanging

  8. Great photos! Like most of the comments above – I prefer the color version – the colors adds a nice dimension to the image.

  9. I like the color better which surprises me. The water/dew drops seem to sparkle more in the color image. The web looks like a very expensive piece of jewelry 🙂


  10. Fantastic images!! I could abide forever in the black and white version, though I thoroughly love both…what feeling…so bejeweled and majestic, so lucid, beautiful, perfectly composed. What an image. Well-done indeed!

  11. The B/W by a nose. The colours aren’t too distracting but still distracting just enough to make the contrast in the B/W version draw more attention to the jewel-like web.

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