Cirka Loka Båttur 2014

I made another ticket for the house party boat trip called Cirka Loka.


If you want to check out Alex Jangle’s music, go to soundcloud, or you can read more about him at the website of Troll Records. Here you’ll find last years ticket :

Edit: Got this surprise message from WordPress when I saved this post:


That means 3 years of “quality” blogging!
My thanks goes out to all the people that are commenting and following my blog.


11 thoughts on “Cirka Loka Båttur 2014

  1. Does this mean we are all invited on the boat trip??? Well done on your anniversary Cardinal, as you say, quality blogging and I never hear a David Bowie song now without thinking of you!

    • Thank you Patti. It would have been fun to attende, but the boat party was held on the 16th of August, so it’s a bit late… Quality blogging were your words, «’quality’ blogging» were mine! 😀

      Apropos Bowie: I recorded a couple of documentaries about him the other day. I’ll probably watch them during the winter.

  2. I’d like to watch Bowie documentaries too. Max, congratulations on the good job with the ticket and most of all for your continuous three years long good quality blogging career 🙂

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