take the whole concept of Art



“Sometimes you have to take the whole concept of Art and throw it out on its whore ass.”
― Charles Bukowski


P.S. Have a great weekend everyone. I’ll reply to comments on Sunday.

41 thoughts on “take the whole concept of Art

  1. I was just about to say as much – hahahaha – reminds me of what we say to people when they ask about art from an investment standpoint: “Buy it if you like it” just don’t ask the artist to make you one “sofa-size”…

  2. Thanks for posting the link for those of us that do not know how to retrieve it without a direct email notification CG. ( and I still disagree that art is trash 🙂

    • Art is trash, especially modern art. Most of the useless modern artists will never be remembered for any of their creations.

      One time I saw a “modern art” exhibition in Norway, where the artist had combined to bicycles so that they were both useless, turned them upside down and painted them yellow. It made me think that the government should really stop wasting the taxpayers money on supporting these artists with scholarships and other funding. Let them create something that people want to buy, or let them work for their money.

      • I agree I do not like modern art AT ALL and even not much impressionist art. I am a realist . That said, as a realist have you seem some of the abstract art that is literally thrown on a canvas and sold for extreme amounts of money? This is also a reality 🌏

        • “Art” that’s just vomited on a canvas sells solely because of art curators that’s in it for the money. There’s always a lot of bullshit when money’s around. Artists these days don’t really need a talent, they just need a good salesperson.

          • Yes that was my failure to find my entire life. I hate to self market

      • I hope you got my first reply? I was on my phone and it just kind of froze up but I agree with you !

  3. I’ve never looked at art as a whore or an ass. I guess Bukowski did because it broadly accepts a wide assortment of interpretations, including some shitty ones! 😀

  4. glad you had a great weekend and are ready to get back to it… nice photo – good use of black and white and perspective…. have a great week.

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