Monochrome Street Portraits

I shot some street portraits of these wonderful officers on my last visit to Jerusalem.



I was passing by and asked them if I could take their photos, they both agreed and I shot 5-6 shots. These are the two best ones, which I’ve turned into black & white for Leanne & Laura’s «Monochrome Madness» post.



50 thoughts on “Monochrome Street Portraits

  1. my favourite shot from Monochrome madness this week – the full portrait is very striking too

  2. Max, I do prefer the full portrait. Both are exceptional but in the full portrait the bigger contrasts come into the picture. Great work showing the world I do not know.

  3. I prefer the first shot because of their interaction. But what a shock to see the woman fully armed in the long shot! She still does not look intimidating but that firearm certainly does

  4. I like the portraits, however I am not so sure if I like the fact that these young people are carrying these big arms, but this goes for another blog entry. Your photos are awesome.

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