Fish Market, Reykjavik, Iceland: The restaurant itself looks very anonymous from the outside, just like any ordinary Icelandic building, but once inside you’ll discover a beautifully designed restaurant. The Asian-inspired cuisine is from Chef Owner Hrefna Rósa Jóhannsdóttir Sætran and it almost seems like it’s from out of this world (actually even Iceland itself feels like it’s another planet).


«Fiskmarkaðurinn notar fyrsta flokks hráefni í sköpun frumlegra rétta. Við verslum afurðir okkar m.a. beint frá bónda og varðveitum þannig sjálfbærni og gæði rétta okkar.
Njótið vel.»

«Fish Market uses Iceland’s freshest ingredients to prepare original fish, meat and sweet dishes with a modern twist. We buy direct from the country’s farmers and fishermen to guarantee the sustainability and quality of our dishes.»

This post was dedicated to my blogger friend at SmallHouseBigGarden and of course, to the Fish Market restaurant in Reykjavik, Iceland. The food there was so good that eating there was worth the ticket to Iceland. If I could, I would have gone to Iceland again just to eat there.

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