Trollstigen & Trollveggen Part 2

Here’s a follow up from yesterdays post with another gallery from Trollstigen & Trollveggen.

13 thoughts on “Trollstigen & Trollveggen Part 2

  1. This are two beautiful series of photos Cardinal. The mountains remember me to my home country Switzerland. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Sue. The waterfall with the longest vertical fall in these photos is Trollfossen at 175 meter. The other one, with the old stone bridge across, is called Stigfossen.

  2. Bravo! Your photo montage covers a lot of themes in a dramatic and creative fashion. I enjoyed the mountain, bridge and sky themes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I travelled a narrow, steep and windy mountain road the other day that felt like Trollstigen, so I decided not to go there. Thanks for experiencing this road without actually beeing there. (I was there as a child, but that is a long time ago)

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