Trollstigen & Trollveggen

These photos are from Trollstigen (The Troll Ladder) & Trollveggen (The Troll Wall) in Norway.

Check out WordPress for more zigzag photos:
Here’s part 2:

41 thoughts on “Trollstigen & Trollveggen

  1. Ah! Yes we can see why they Trolls live in those mountains 🙂 Fabulously rugged.

    • When the fog covers the mountains, it makes you feel very small – like a little piece of meat that’s about to be boiled in a kettle where the fog is a lid.

  2. Gorgeous!

    It’s been many years since I’ve seen a wall like that. You come across some in the province of British Columbia. Titanic craggy rock that blocks out the sun and creates its own weather conditions. They almost feel alive.

  3. Excellent shots. Looks a bit gloomy up there with the fog, and I reckon the clouds in the sky added nicely to this feeling. You went up there, I presume. I hope you felt fine going up the zigzag road. I never feel too good when traveling upwards and in a spiral 😀

    • We went down the zigzag road. We got stuck behind a tourist bus with a foreign driver. There’s a lot of “meeting places” on the road, where you can pull over to the side to let the traffic in the opposite direction pass (too narrow for two lanes). A Norwegian bus driver would have let you pass the bus on one of these stops… I like driving on those kind of roads 🙂

      A bit further up the road (on the part that’s on the top) we got stuck behind some sheep – country side rush hour 🙂

      • Driving on those roads are always fun, fun trying to squeeze your car across the other car pulled by the roadside 😀 I bet drivers are friendly there…it wouldn’t be nice if they weren’t. There’s certainly no room for road rage there.

        Ah, sheep. Always slow movers 🙂

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