The Seafood Museum in Ålesund

Enjoy these photos from the aquarium, or the seafood museum like I call it, in Ålesund, Norway.

Atlanterhavsparken is the official name and it’s one of the largest saltwater-aquariums in northern Europe.

See more photos from the mysterious underwater world:

Check out monochrome photos in this excellent post:

30 thoughts on “The Seafood Museum in Ålesund

  1. You have quite some scary creatures in front of your lens. I hope there was an other thicker glass in between. I like the photo with the little boy. It looks like he is standing under water and the fish are swimming above the water line. 🙂

  2. These look really sharp in B/W. I’m going to have to try that. Every time I’ve ever photographed fish in any aquarium I have always shot for vivid colour.

    • It can be a bit tricky, because you always have to think about the reflections. The light conditions aren’t the best either and the fishes are constantly on the move. So, the answer to that would be yes.

  3. Cool photos Cardinal! It just made me think of a show we love watching called River Monsters. I think it’s been on for a few years, but it’s new to my wife and I and we’re catching up via Netflix. It sure makes me think twice about swimming in lakes and rivers :s

  4. I missed this one! A while back I noticed you are great at taking photos of fish, be it dead or alive. I am pleased to see a photo of the little one. I bet he enjoyed his first visit to the seafood museum with his appetite for fish 😉

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