Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

The theme for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week is «containers». I chose to post these containers that has people in them.



32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

  1. Very creative interpretation on this challenge, Cardinal. Stunning photos, and the colours are stunningly vivid. If there weren’t barriers around that lake or river or pond, I would’ve thought it was a swimming pool and if I was there, dived straight in. I hope you resisted the urge to get wet 🙂

    • I can guarantee you that you wouldn’t have jumped in: it’s pretty shallow and it has a lot of animals in it: fishes, frogs, mosquito larvae etc. The pond, except from being decorational, is some sort of environmental project. It can almost get noisy at nights when the frogs symphony is at the max!

      • Ah, okay. I see. You make the pond look like an extravagant pool, all bright and decorative. Now that you mention it’s an environmental project, the fencing makes sense. If it weren’t there, one slip and you could get eaten alive.

    • Yes indeed. Much more beautiful at night!
      These photos were shot on the night of Peasach (Passover), so as I was walking in the quiet streets, I could hear many families that were singing Holiday songs in their apartments where they were having family dinners.

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