Long Exposure & Flash Photo Shoot

About a month ago I published some photos from a photo shoot with Tomer & Shanny. After we had been a while and shot a lot of photos at the location, I wanted to experiment a little bit – it gets boring to just do the same shots over and over – so, to get a more playful and artistic look, I mounted the camera on the tripod and set the camera to long exposure while I used the flash & zoom.

Check out the dailypost.wordpress.com for more photos for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge “Extra”.

Previous posts from this photo shoot: 

37 thoughts on “Long Exposure & Flash Photo Shoot

  1. Very interesting shots with the combination of flash and zoom. I was constantly unlucky with zoom shots but the flash should do the trick for sharpness in the foreground.

  2. I love the way that you can see the light dancing all over these images. Makes them playful and somehow celebratory. Very nicely done.

    • Experimentation is very good. I’ve played with the technique before: in the Blur Aviv series and partially also in one of the model shots that I’ve posted.

    • Thanks. It’s basically the same technique, but on these ones I’ve also used the flash. In cityscape/landscape photography it’s no point in using flash because of the distance to the subjects (a typical flash range is around 3-5 meters).

  3. Love the effect on all of the shots. Looking at them, you get the feeling of confusion coming out of the shots, and also a sense of fun on a night out painting the town red. Very creative, Cardinal. Well done.

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