Negative Space – Monochrome Madness

For Leanne & Laura’s Monochrome Madness Challenge this week I chose to focus on negative space.


«Negative Space – the gap around and between the object / subject in an image.  

When you compose a photograph, there are a number of rules (or ‘loose guidelines’ as I prefer to think of them as) that you’re supposed to keep in mind. This is in addition to the purely technical aspects of photographing. Typical examples of such rules are: lines, shapes, colors, the Rule of Thirds and vanishing points.

A useful tool that is often overlooked when talking about compositions is what’s called ‘Negative Space’. Negative Space is, simply put, the air filling the picture. Such air / empty space can be useful to guide the eye, or to emphasize details in a picture.

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31 thoughts on “Negative Space – Monochrome Madness

          • Yes you are right but look how creative so many people are ! The camera breeds creativity I think!

          • I agree. A lot of people start with the random point&click, spray&pray type photography, but after a while they slowly, but surely wake up and their photo interest starts developing into a more creative style.
            It’s great!

          • It sure is but makes it so difficult to make money with 10 billion other burgeoning photographers !

          • Photography is definitely more of an expense than an income. I guess you have to be very active (or have some contacts) to generate money out of it.
            I’ve sold some photos to newspapers and magazines, but not lately (I haven’t tried lately either).

  1. Great photo and composition, Cardinal. Love this simplicity though it’s not a simple work to create this image. 🙂

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