Follow the Arrow

This post is a «multiple entry post» with links to other bloggers. I shot this early one morning on my latest visit to Jerusalem.




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22 thoughts on “Follow the Arrow

    • Yes, I’m shorter on time than what I’m used too: have to pick up in the kindergarden after work, plus work is getting more and more hectic lately, so I don’t have the same amount of time available that I’ve been used to. I figured that a multiple entry would be practical 🙂

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  2. Tough to say which I prefer. I really like the tones in the colour imagr, but I’m really becoming a fan of b\w these days. Either would be a worthy submission in my books.

    • This was taken in Schlomo ha-Melekh Street – in the hill leading from Damascus Gate up to Tsahal Square, which is at the northwestern corner of Jerusalem’s Old City walls. This guy’s sitting opposite the Old City Walls and the road is definitely sloped there!

  3. I love the b&w shot, especially if the arrow is the focus. The arrow isn’t as noticeable in the coloured shot.

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