Barcode in B&W


These Oslo buildings are known as The Barcode. It’s mostly financial institutions, plus a few overpriced apartments. I have a lot of earlier posts from this area and I’ve also posted this one before only in colours (it looks better in colours I think). The B&W version you see here is for Paula’s «B&W Sunday».



28 thoughts on “Barcode in B&W

  1. Excellent photos – the colour ones are terrific but there is drama to the b & w one that I really like.

  2. What fine dramatic shots! At first sighting I liked the B & W but the second is my favourite, with the sun glinting on the wooden boardwalk. Great captures 🙂

  3. Wow! I like B&W best! It seems that I am alone in my choice :D. I wish I could explain why I prefer it – just a feeling coming from the pic. Tusen takk CG.

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  5. Yes, the colour is just slightly more appealing than the B/W with the natural golden rays and reflections. In any of the productions, that darkened, two-toned and detailed sky really hits the mark. I’m not against HDR at all but I really like it when photographers achieve this level of richness without going High-Def.

    • Thanks Allen. I agree with you: the rays of sunshine and the golden reflections combined with the dark skies makes these photos more suitable in colours than B&W.
      I’m not against HDR either, but I prefer photos like these where I got a good result without having to rely on HDR. HDR can look great in some settings, but in these photos I don’t think that HDR would have made them any better.

  6. Dude, look at how the buildings reflect shafts of light up into the sky… I love that! Great image for sure, and I think I might agree that the colour is more powerful. The cloud detail and colour is pretty striking too.

  7. Definitely prefer the one with colours, but the BW one is still a great shot in its own right. There’s so much life in a city, so it a coloured photo should bring out the energy within it. I feel the colour shot accentuates the brilliant cloud cover a whole lot more. Excellent shots, as per usual, Cardinal.

    • Thanks for the follow & comments Draco! Crazy busy days here lately, so I haven’t had time to reply to comments, post new stuff and read blogs. I’ll hopefully manage a comeback next week 🙂

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