Crowne Plaza City Center, Tel Aviv

This is Crowne Plaza City Center (the building on the right) and Bezek. 


Bezek (bibezek) is Israel’s leading internet and international telecommunications provider.


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25 thoughts on “Crowne Plaza City Center, Tel Aviv

  1. When I saw these photos I remembered your comment on Patti’s post even before seeing the link to her :D. Fabulous photos CG. Normally I would say that this type of architecture looks better in B&W but here it look excellent in colour too. Thank you 🙂

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  3. This is one of those time in which I can’t tell if I prefer the colour or B/W more. It’s the recognition of pattern and texture created by the windows that captures my attention the most.

  4. This is a very compelling image! The small pattern of the windows and the angle against the blue sky give us that sense of massiveness. Well done!

  5. Both versions are so good Cardinal, both playing different tricks, fantastic! And thank you so much for the ping back, comrades in the dizzy view!

  6. lol typo I meant to say *buildings*; they are so huge, I have never been near a building that big.

    • Yes, they’re very large. Never mind the typo, it happens to all of us and we all notice them the second after we’ve pressed the “post comment” button 😀

      • thanks, I was frightened into cross-fingers by the sheer size of them! lol.

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