Photo Shoot With Tomer & Shanny

I’m short on time these days. So short that it’s taken me one month to post-process these photos from a photo shoot we had in Israel during the Pesach / Easter holidays. We were two photographers, Ira Khalistonov and myself, but I was the photographer behind the photos in this post.

Light: Ira Khalistonov
Styling: Odelia Dahan Harel
Make up & design: Tomer Hen
Models: Shanny Skumpole Megidish & Tomer Hen
Photo: Cardinal Guzman

This post is my entry for Paula’s B&W Sunday and I also recommend that you’ll check out Leanne Cole’s blog and her posts Monochrome Madness!

Edit: I just discovered that my blog is mentioned in Otto Münchow’s blog «Best Photo Blogs – Round 13». I suggest that you check out his post, visit the blogs and vote for your favourite. You’ll find his blog at

24 thoughts on “Photo Shoot With Tomer & Shanny

  1. I am honoured that you linked this professional gallery to my Sunday :). It must have been great fun to took photos of these two. They both have expressive faces, and the girl is beautiful.

    • We definitely had a lot of fun on this photo shoot. I’m very glad that glad Tomer asked me to come along!
      It was a pleasure to shoot and it’s also my pleasure to link to your Sunday B&W post.

  2. Excellently done.

    Do you do hair and makeup, contract the work or rely on the models to present themselves in the desired fashion for the shoot?

    • I was lucky here: My friend Tomer asked me to come along for the photo shoot and he’d already organized everything. I just came along as a secondary photographer to help my friend, but also because it’s fun and because it was an excellent opportunity to practice model photographing. I didn’t really have to do anything than instruct the model(s) from time to time, and of course keep an eye on my camera settings.

      BTW: Thanks for the support over at Otto Münchows blog. I read your comment there 🙂

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  4. Cardinal, this was such a fun shoot to brows through… great job! Your model looked like she was really easy to work with, and I think the one that drew me in the most was the low key side profile shot that’s a little more than half way down on the left-hand side.

    Solid work friend 🙂

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