Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art?

A work of art, only a mannequin or just a photo of a mannequin? You decide.


Busy days lately, so I had to recycle and create something (hopefully) artistic out of something ordinary. I’ve posted another version of this photo earlier. The eternal question remains: «but, is it art?»

More works of art here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/work-of-art/

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art?

  1. I don’t know if it fits the Tolstoy’s definition of art as being a bridge across eras, cultures, and lifetimes, but this photo can certainly be qualified as art. I love the concept – recycling is IN, and we should all do it 🙂 Wishing you a relaxing and, if possible, a lazy Sunday!

    • I read Tolstoy’s definition in your post and I thought to myself that most of the ‘modern art’ from contemporary artists probably won’t even make it till the next decade! If creating bad art is a sin, then hell will be filled to the brim with contemporary artists pretty soon!

  2. Definitely a photo of a mannequin. If it were just a mannequin, I guarantee that no one would pay it any mind. By having a vision and photographing it with even the slightest consideration of composition, some will notice.

    • I’ve come across a number of people who criticize photographs of mannequins and existing sculptures that are regarded as art by either the shooter or some faction that recognizes art. The very fact that the image arouses such sentiment is proof enough that the photo is art.

      ARt doesn’t always have to be likeable to be art. Art appreciation is subjective; always.

  3. ‘Art’ is whatever you want it to be (in my definition). It’s usually visual and the above image (even if you didn’t make the mannequin itself), is a creation within a frame of a box. It’s a composition of light, shade and lines that look pleasing to your eye (and mine as well, I might add). I live the balance of light and dark spaces within the frame.

    I think I posted a photo of a mannequin in a store display not so long ago on my own blog. Since I bought a camera and took up photography 4 years ago, I seem to see ‘art’ in nearly everything I walk by outdoors (and sometimes indoors). I love the way light plays upon a subject. I love the way photos frame something that catches my eye.

    • Thanks for a lovely comment Vicki. When this one was on display I guess that they were about to change the clothes collection, so it was there undressed. The white mannequin and the white background caught my attention and I found it to be a bit artistic. I think this mannequin has a futuristic look/feel to it and all the white makes it seem like it’s sterile and placed in a sterile environment.

  4. What’s art and what isn’t is always the ongoing conversation isn’t it? Because it is so up to personal interpretation, I have a hard time saying something isn’t. I may not always “get” it, but it can still be art 🙂

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