Couple Portrait in Black & White



We had a photo shoot in Israel. I haven’t had the time to post-process all the photos yet, but you can consider this image a small taste of what’s to come. The models on the photo is not a couple in real life, only for this shoot. This is also my entry for Leanne & Laura’s Monochrome Madness.


34 thoughts on “Couple Portrait in Black & White

  1. Nice tones. You’ve brought out their dark complections very nicely.

    As an option, I could see you pushing the Levels and/or Curves dialoges (if using Photoshop) to whiten his collar and her blouse a little more, and then convert the image to a duotone with a shade of brown.

    • Here I’ve only used Lightroom – it’s quicker and easier than Photoshop on those small retouching jobs, plus it has nice features to organize the gallery. I would might have brightened the blouse a bit, so that it would match his collar, but if I’d brightened the whole image, the skin tone would have been off.

    • Hi Jake. I don’t have a like button, because I prefer interacting with my visitors in words. Also: people often clicked the like button without even reading the post (I noticed this on several on my written posts). So I just removed it to avoid the “click like and move on” type of people.

    • Yes, it was my friend (the guy in the photo) that arranged the whole thing. I’m glad he asked me to join in on his project. I’m still working on the photos from the shoot (I’m really short on time these days).

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