I Used to Write Letters

I used to write letters. This is how they could look like:

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44 thoughts on “I Used to Write Letters

  1. Very cool, Cardinal. I still do write letters or, more often, send cards with written messages. I like postcards, too, but they’re almost as expensive to send these days as to buy.


  2. ah yes…. the feeling of receiving a handwritten letter… the smell…the effort put into it…the feelings when you open the envelope…. I miss that..

  3. Wonderful drawings….You are an artista!!!
    I love writting letters…Actually I stopped it just few years ago…And I always send post cards…I suppose it helps the fact that my parents do not have e mail..:) And that I like having stamps from everywhere in the world! (I have to admit I send postcards to myself also 🙂 ) I think there is nothing better that to sit in a coffee in Venice or Rome, or Paris, or Boston, and dedícate some minutes to your loved ones…

  4. that’s some serious talent you got there! letter writing is pretty amazing, and an art unto itself even if there’s no picture involved. I treasure anything handwritten, and usually display it for months on my refrigerator. so much more special than email or typed correspondence!

    • Thanks for the compliment. I used to love writing letters. I think that this particular letter would have been to long for your refrigerator. I agree that it’s much more special than email or typed correspondence. Handwritten letters is in a league of its own.

  5. A vanished art, letter writing. And a sad loss. Your drawings on the letters make them even more beautiful. I am amazed by the range of your talents, Cardinal.

  6. Interesting! Both the subject (didn’t know there was such an thing! learn something new everyday) and the fact that you draw. So, are the original drawings something the original author drew in a letter to someone?

    • Yes, it’s a shame that people don’t write. Mostly I used to write to women. Now I’m married, so it kind of stopped naturally. I don’t think my wife would like it if I wrote to all these girls all the time…

  7. I use to love to write letters and send cards for all occasions — but seldom received in return. Didn’t matter though until life got so hectic, I gradually decreased until I realized I had stopped. It is a delight to receive even if it is a short handwritten note or postcard. Have a blessed week.

    • Hehe, I sent them in these cardboard tubes, envelopes wouldn’t fit my letters. I used to write different women around the world that I’d met here and there. When I met my wife, it felt natural to stop writing other women 🙂

  8. Wow amazing drawings! I don’t write much any longer. I really can’t hold a pen and write much unfortunately. I even have my xmas cards preprinted although I try to make them myself on my computer. 🙂

      • I have nerve damage in my hand from a car accident. It’s coming from my neck. I usually use voice activation in combination with typing if I have a lot of typing to do. I’m kind of a mess actually…I have severe arthritis and one replaced knee and the other is shortly behind. This after I was an extremely fanatically fit person for years! This is how photography has saved me…literally. It’s given me new life! 😀 Thank you for reminding me of that actually.

  9. Very creative interpretation of this week’s theme. Sometimes the most meaningful messages from letters and words come in the most abstract of forms. I used to write letters. Don’t do that anymore but I still do the occasional postcard 🙂

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