Monochrome Madness from Jerusalem



«Monochrome Madness!!» is the brainchild of Laura Macky and Leanne Cole – two fantastic photographers and bloggers. The above photo is my entry for their challenge and it was shot in Jerusalem during the holidays Pesach/Easter 2014.

29 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness from Jerusalem

  1. Cardinal, how do I find your Monochrome Madness image for every week? I clicked on Leanne’s link but then it lands me on your main blog and then I clicked this Monochrome Madness link but I still can’t find it 😦 I love it by the way. 🙂

  2. You don’t seem to have a like button. I like this photo. The old man, the spare tyre on the cart, both great in b&w.

    • Thanks. I thought it was best to turn this black & white in order to turn the focus away from all the visual clutter in the background.
      I don’t have a like button, because I prefer interacting with my visitors in words. Also: people often clicked the like button without even reading the post (I noticed this on several on my written posts). So I just removed it to avoid the “click like and move on” type of people.

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